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The Morris Law Group has been involved in many important personal injury decisions in Canada. Below is a sample of those decisions.

Jun 13, 2017

Herbert v. Brantford (City), 2012 ONCA 98

The appellant brought an appeal before the Court disputing costs awarded to the respondent for injuries sustained on a public biking trail followin......

Feb 3, 2017

Myers-Gordon et al v Martin et al

This Special Case motion concerned a determination as to whether State Farm Insurance was obligated to respond to claims brought for underinsurance. 

Jan 12, 2017

Wesley v Royal Sun Alliance

The defendant, an accident benefits insurer, brought a motion for an Order to compel the plaintiff to attend medical examinations pursuant to the C......

Sep 16, 2016

Williston v. City of Hamilton

Following a motor vehicle accident, the Plaintiff brought their case to trial to determine liability between the Plaintiff and the City of Hamilton......

Feb 25, 2016

TC v Personal Insurance Company of Canada


Oct 26, 2015

Rivera v British Columbia Life & Casualty Co.

This application addressed the priority of coverage between a Long-Term Disability Carrier and an Accident Benefits Carrier. The Respondent, BC Lif......

Feb 9, 2015

Ralph v. Primmum Insurance Company et al.

The Plaintiff brought a motion to restore a complicated and timeworn professional negligence action to the Trial Scheduling List. The Defendants cr......

Dec 31, 2014

CPP Appeal of Debra Lamparski

The Applicant, a former physical education teacher, was found entitled to Canada Pension Plan Disability Benefits based on “overwhelming medi......

Jul 30, 2014

Venditti et al v 20141320 Ontario Inc et al

On a motion to add a non-party to the lawsuit after the expiration of the limitation period, the Court held that The Morris Law Group engaged in du......

Feb 28, 2014

MT v RBC General Insurance Company


Jan 14, 2013

Mujku v State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company


Oct 30, 2012

Maric v. Solski

The Defendant brought a motion to have the Plaintiff's claim dismissed for delay. The Court found that the Defendant's motion was frivolous and not......

Nov 23, 2010

Clara Herbert v. City of Brantford

 The Appellant, the City of Branford, brought an appeal before the Court disputing costs awarded to the Respondent, Herbet, following a trial for compensation of injuries sustained on a public biking trail

Sep 27, 2007

Violi v. General Accident Assurance Co. of Canada

Financial Services Commission, decision dated September 27, 2000. This was a file where we appealed an arbitration decision. The Appellate Court de......

Aug 17, 2005

Mascitti v. Gore

Ontario Superior Court of Justice, Divisional Court, decision dated August 17, 2005. This is a Bill 164 case (January 1, 1994 to October 31, 1996).......

Sep 2, 1993

Murphy v. Welsh

Supreme Court of Canada decision dated September 2, 1993. This decision allowed minors to sue past the standard 2 year limitation, and extended the......

Mar 14, 1985

Janiak v. Ippolito

Supreme Court of Canada decision dated March 14, 1985. This case addressed the issues of whether refusal of treatment is reasonable or not. The hea......

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